Why the name Grand Central Beauty?

So, why Grand Central Beauty? Where did it all come from?

As obvious as it may appear, most people suspect there's more to the story.

Ginger is an award-winning chemist and consultant and Jackie is a passionate skincare industry professional and expert in Spa & Skincare development. We were introduced online via professional networks and like most business consultations and meetings, we had only communicated electronically via email and messaging.

Through communications, we learned that we had similar ideas and thought it may be a good idea to meet up in person. Due to our hectic work schedules, we were having difficulty securing an ideal time to meet. Coincidentally, we had both taken a personal day from work. So, after weeks of trying to lock down a time unsuccessfully, we were able to spontaneously meet for a few minutes between running personal errands (Ginger even had her mother with her).

We decide to meet in person for the first time between our commute in the bustling Grand Central Station in NYC.

We were pleasantly surprised upon meeting that we had much similarities in common. We had no idea we were both Asian, from similar cultural backgrounds (Ginger is Taiwanese- American and Jackie is Chinese-American), and the reason we had both taken the personal day is because it was Lunar/Chinese New Year. Jackie's father had even lived in the same town as Ginger's mother while growing up!

Since our initial meeting, we met several times more for networking and business events. During this time, we learned much about each other's skincare experiences, history, and most importantly, our shared passion for skincare products and the beauty industry.

Often, the main topic of conversation in our growing friendship was a fantasy-version of an ideal skincare product. We challenged each other with questions and banter such as: What would the ideal skincare product be? What would it treat? What kind of product is it? How can it benefit people? What concerns will this product address? How can a product like this even BE possible?

Our expectations for this imaginary super-product kept growing and growing. We said this list of amazing product's "to-do" is a culmination of our professional experience – which we jokingly called our "40 years of combined field-market research" having dealt with thousands of skincare customers.

Little did we know, we have been mapping out the foundation of our brainchild.

On one fortuitous day, Ginger turned to Jackie and said, "Why don't we just work together?". Up until now, we have helped to create dozens of brands for other people, but this was the first time we both felt so strongly about a concept that we looked at each other and said, "YASSSS". It was kismet.

During the development of what is to be become Grand Central Beauty, we regularly squeezed in15-minute brainstorming sessions between commutes in the bustling NYC train station to make our fantasy super-product a reality.

So much was accomplished in each of these 15-minute meetings that it became an integral concept of our launch product, S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Mask, a 15-minute multi-tasking facial treatment!

Our mission then became to create products that deliver multiple benefits in the shortest time possible. Your skincare should work hard for you; you should not have to work hard for your skin.

When the time came for us to solidify our business partnership officially, we needed to come up with a name. We both agreed to start with a list of things we believed in, and what we felt symbolized our values and goals in our product.

We looked around our meeting place. We realized in each meeting, we were inspired by, and constantly reminded of the classic beauty and fast-paced efficiencies that surrounds us. We accomplished so much amidst busy schedules. Hardworking people of all lifestyles from all over the world was the background and inspiration. We couldn't agree more on the name "Grand Central Beauty", an iconic term that symbolized the classic, the modern; a global convergence of the smart and beautiful.

We proudly decided on the name Grand Central Beauty because we believe in the traditional and what works, but at the same time, we understand the necessities of modern living, and modern lifestyles.

So, leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of our meeting of the minds!

XO, Ginger & Jackie

Co-Founders, Grand Central Beauty

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